A €10 million investment that should lead to the creation of 100 new full-time jobs in the Bulebel industrial area has been announced by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri.

Five companies operating in the area will be investing in new facilities while another one will be expanding its operations, the minister said.

The area, he said, is currently home to 80 factories that employ more than 3,000 workers.

State-run agency Indis Malta will pilot the €10 million investment project, Schembri said. Indis is responsible for the administration of government-owned industrial parks and related facilities in the Maltese islands, as well as supporting and promoting their development.

Industrial estates to go vertical

Around €4.9 million of the funds will be used for expansion projects related to firms working in various sectors ranging from food production to tobacco, cross-docking, label operations and paper production.

Indis Malta is allocating 10,500 square metres of land for the purpose -  8,900 square metres for the new projects and 1,600 square metres for the expansion.

In four of the expansion projects, buildings will be turned into multi-level facilities. This, Schembri said, paved  the way for more vertical industrial buildings, which should attract higher value-added companies in sectors such as biotech, big pharma and research.

Indis Malta will invest another €5 million in 19,000 square metres to make the area more accessible for factories, improving the quality of life of investors and workers.

Another €150,000 will be used to transform 330 square metres into a recreational space. Reconstituted stone that is being produced from construction waste will be used to embellish Ġnien il-Ħaddiem, where CCTV cameras will also be installed. The garden will also be equipped with recycling bins and wifi.

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