A police report has been filed after a 21-year-old cyclist was "punched repeatedly" by a pick-up driver in Swieqi on Friday, according to NGO Rota. 

In a statement, the cycling activists said the cyclist was assaulted on Triq il-Keffa, with a witness saying the driver had been driving extremely close to the man riding his bicycle.

The pick-up driver "aligned himself" to the cyclist and the two got into a verbal argument, the NGO said. 

The pick-up driver then rammed the cyclist, forcing the cyclist to the ground. The driver then got out of his car and started to repeatedly punch the 21-year-old, according to the NGO.

"A witness tried to separate the two with the person travelling by bike stumbling as he tried to get away. The aggressor, male, close to 40 in age, average height and stocky then tried to have another go at the cyclist," the NGO said. 

The cyclist then left the scene "disoriented and in a mess", according to the witness. 

A police report has been filed and police are now reviewing nearby CCTV cameras. 


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