Unity and solidarity are the strength of a nation. And for the promotion and establishment of such high qualities a noble and great leadership is required. A leadership that can motivate its people about national matters, a leadership that can deliver.

On December 4, the streets of Malta witnessed a great sense of unity and solidarity behind the strong leadership of President George Abela. He once again proved that he is really a man of commitment and deliverance. For the third consecutive year he united the whole of Malta for a noble cause to show solidarity with needy brothers and sisters.

A record-breaking 11,000 people gathered on the streets to make this event a success. The enthusiasm, encouragement, readiness and high aims were seen clearly on every face. People of all ages, classes and backgrounds including families, couples, individuals, colleagues, friends and communities took part in the noble cause.

Everyone was ready and willing to extend his favours to others. Our benevolence is extended in such a manner that we consider it to be our duty or obligation and not a favour to others.

May God bless Dr Abela with a long, healthy and peaceful life. He said a few days ago that the spirit and joy of people filled him with great happiness and he was glad to see the entire nation united.

We pray, in his words, “J’Alla nibqgħu dejjem hekk!”


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