I refer to my letter entitled ‘Does HSBC really care?’ (February 14).

Three weeks have since passed and it seems HSBC did not care enough about the matter because it did not reply on this newspaper but merely afforded a curt “response” in an article that appeared on the weekly It-Torċa on March 4. This reported that an unnamed HSBC spokesman saying, in a weak attempt to defend the indefensible, that “HSBC does not comment on its individual client relationships” but, in the same breath, paradoxically contended that its deposit machine worked perfectly when tested, thereby inferring that this same machine could not have caused me injury.

However, the spokesman did not say that such post-event tests do not disprove that this particular deposit machine had caused me serious injury beforehand, as I have clearly demonstrated. Moreover, he conveniently failed to mention that testing was not conducted by an impartial party.

What really impressed me, however, was the fact that even though the bank admitted it had seen my letter on the Times of Malta, it still did not publicly or privately attempt to substantiate its mistaken theory that “I had injured myself because I had misused its deposit machine, while simultaneously using its ATM”.

Common sense also dictated that the unidentified HSBC spokesman would have at least informed readers why the bank has, to date, refused to show me the CCTV footage, preserved at my request, which had captured the event.

I therefore feel constrained to challenge HSBC by means of this letter to declare within a week through this newspaper, without imposing any conditions, that it will shortly be showing me, my wife (who was present when the accident occurred) and my legal representatives, the CCTV footage in question. That should not be problematic at all if the bank has nothing to hide. After all, HSBC has just announced it would be investing in “customer service”.

Following through on this promise is the least customers expect.

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