Dads across have been named the most embarrassing parent on holiday, with twice as many kids saying their dad is more of an embarrassment than their mum, according to the latest Skyscanner survey.

The travel search site asked 1,000 under-16s in the UK about their holiday experiences with their parents and revealed dodgy ‘dad dancing’ as the most cringe-worthy moment for children, with 22 per cent of the vote.

In a close second, one in five red-faced kids say their dad doesn’t act his age on holiday and 19 per cent claim he tries to act ‘cool’, only to fail miserably.

Dodgy ‘dad dancing’ is the most cringe-worthy moment for children, with 22 per cent of the vote

Although not quite as bad as dads, mums still manage to mortify their kids abroad, with 14 per cent of youngsters saying mum kissing dad in public embarrasses them the most. Bad dance moves also seem to be a shared trait, with 13 per cent of kids left squirming with embarrassment at the sight of mum on the dance floor.

The survey also pinpoints the age at which kids find their parents most embarrassing.

The results reveal that just 30 per cent are embarrassed by their mum and dad aged seven, with their humiliation gradually increasing from the early teens and peaking at the age of 14. Almost two-thirds (60 per cent) of 14 year olds claim that their parents ‘cramp their style’ by treating them like a younger child.

Interestingly girls are most embarrassed by their fathers, while boys voted overwhelmingly in favour of their mums.

Dad’s most embarrassing holiday habits

1. Bad dancing - 22%
2. Doesn’t act his age - 21%
3. Failing to act ‘cool’ - 19%
4. Public displays of affection - 18%
5. Unfashionable clothing - 13%
6. Embarrassing swimwear - 10%
7. Embarrassing stories - 9%
8. Failing to speak foreign language - 8%
9. Speaking English loudly and slowly - 6%
10. Dressed child in unfashionable clothes - 4%

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