Member committee president

I was lucky enough to go to Kenya to attend the 63rd International Congress 2011 as a representative of AIESEC Malta. This was also my first time in Africa, which I think is the most mysterious continent, and therefore my dreamland.

During the conference, we discussed the organisational development strategies and direction of AIESEC International as well as different AIESEC countries forming partnerships to facilitate exchanges between themselves.

The youthful delegates could also forge links with the business world by interacting with representatives of 4,000 international partners.

Personally, it helped me to open my mind even more than before in a truly international arena. I could feel how powerful youth can be when we’re determined to pursue our dreams to have a positive impact on ­society.

The experience also gave me another perspective of Kenya and its people. When we were walking the streets of central Nairobi, I could feel the prosperity of Kenya.

On the other hand, when we went to the biggest slum in East Africa, I could feel strongly how much understanding and help we should give such a country and how much we should appreciate life in our home countries.

I still remember the moment when the electricity cut out and there was no hot water for a short period of time, and realising that my short inconvenience was the day-to-day reality for people living there.

At the age of 22, I had the opportunity to go to Africa and build solid connections with global leaders from 110 countries and territories. This amazing thing happened to me because of AIESEC, the best thing in my life so far.

I couldn’t wait to get more involved in AIESEC, to develop myself and, most importantly, to make a positive impact on the world.

All these opportunities were made possible thanks to AIESEC Malta. If you are a student at tertiary level and would like to experience such exchanges, please visit or e-mail

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