Luxdesign is the home decor programme on TVM in which Medistone designers Noel Bartolo and Paul De Giorgio team up with other professionals from the home sector to provide ideas and creative tips to solve that home dilemma.

This is the fifth consecutive year in which Medistone is producing Luxdesign. Luxdesign’s aim is to educate people on how to arrange their surroundings in the best possible way and what to look for while shopping around.

Noel and Paul emphasis safety at home and practical designs. They will also guide visitors on how to use the layout correctly to suit specific needs, especially when children are around.

In each programme, viewers see rooms and homes refurbished from their original state, with makeovers that are followed up by the designers’ technical advice.

The educational corner is particularly popular, with guests delivering their message according to their profession, together with tips.

The Luxdesign team re-designs your home giving it that sophisticated, practical and stylish look.

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