After reading the report about the testimony of the slain journalist’s husband, Peter Caruana Galizia, I concluded that the Caruana Galizia family is not eager for the truth to come out with regard to the most serious allegations the journalist had made against Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Chris Cardona and, especially, the Prime Minister and his wife.

They want the mud thrown at these people by Daphne Caruana Galizia to continue to stick while her husband expects them to withdraw the libel cases.

This is why I believe the Caruana Galizias are playing a game called ‘heads we win, tails you lose’. So we saw her children calling on Cardona – and, I assume, all those who had started libel proceedings against her – not to drop his libel case against their mother while their father was quoted by this newspaper as saying: “I was always hoping that the libel cases would be withdrawn.”

Hence, all the mud thrown by her at the Prime Minister and his wife, Mizzi, Schembri, Cardona etc. will continue to stick. And they will be unable to clear their names in court. What cheek. Daphne will never be proven in court to have lied about them.

Had it not been so serious, it would have been hilarious hearing Caruana Galizia, a lawyer by profession, telling Mizzi’s legal representative it was his job to prove that what Daphne wrote was not true. No wonder he seemed convinced there is no hard evidence to prove that what she had written was the truth when he added: “Isn’t it enough that she died? Now you want the money too?” Had Daphne told the truth, why worry about “money”?

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