I am trying to understand the logic of a system that, for years, has overcharged non-Maltese nationals and tenant Maltese nationals by refusing access to the residential rate for utilities without the landlord’s written permission.

Having recently been shown the error of their ways, ARMS Limited are now accepting applications, via Form H1 (application for redress), submitted by those who have been overcharged.

If their IT system was being implemented correctly, over the years, it should show quite clearly those that have been overcharged and are more than likely going to be given a refund.

It seems to me that none of the departments seem to work together with the ‘disconnection’ department, which disconnects without any history being taken into the equation.

Will I ever understand?

At the same time, in all of their renovations of the documentation appearing on the webpage, they still refuse to inform the unsuspecting tenant that if their landlord refuses to allow them to register on their rental property the canny landlord will bill them at the domestic, non-residential rate for the duration of their stay.

Do these people make it up as they are going along?

I thought there were strict rules regarding electricity and water pricing in Malta.

Let’s not even touch many of the company lets, where landlords seem to have carte blanche to charge whatever they feel like for utilities, refuse to put the bills into the tenants’ name and are now unable, due another new ruling by ARMS, to endorse Form H by way of the company director. You couldn’t make it up if you tried!

All of the above information is factual and supported by documentation received by members. Details of how to claim back overcharges can be found on the ARMS website.

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