Q: Eleven months ago I had to replace my car water pump as it was not functioning well. Since my car was no longer under guarantee I bought the required original parts from the local agent and took the car to a mechanic of my choice to have the new pump fitted in my car. Total cost for parts and labour was almost €300.

I recently took my car to my mechanic for a service and was advised to replace the water pump as it was leaking.

I would like to know if my purchase is protected by law. If yes, does the agent need to cover the cost of the replacement part and cost of labour to change it? I have all the relevant receipts.

A: If you have the water pump’s proof of purchase, then the two-year legal protection on the pump applies. This means you can request the local agent who sold you the pump to either repair it free of charge or to replace it if repair is not possible.

You may also require the agent to cover the costs to re-install the new  pump as these are extra expenses you should not incur if it is not your fault that the waterpump resulted defective. Should the seller refuse to provide you with these remedies you may then file a complaint with our office through the following link: http://www.mccaa.org.mt/en/online-complaints-form

It is important that together with the filled in complaint form you also submit a copy of the receipt that proves from where and from who the water pump was purchased.

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