One of the main features of a Radiohead song is that it allows your mind to wander. You can float along with the melody and follow the narrative in your mind or go your own way. It’s all part of a listener experience that has been given another dimension with the Polyfauna app.

Polyfauna has been designed by Radiohead and Universal Everything and was written around the track Bloom, from the album King of Limbs. The premise was to design an interactive app that was more experience than marketing tool and that could translate the band’s signature artwork into reality.

Polyfauna is an audiovisual experience that generates moody landscapes and immerses you in music and art. A red dot appears on screen, which you follow deeper into the rabbit hole providing an immersion never seen before.

The technology behind Polyfauna is cool. The app is coded to respond differently to unique users. This means no two experiences will be the same. Follow the dot and different gestures can generate different landscapes or creatures that dwell within.

The art is taken directly from album art or concept pieces by Stanley Donwood, who designs Radiohead’s signature artwork. That makes it instantly familiar to fans and works to bring the two worlds of music and visuals together.

Polyfauna is an interesting app that gives you the time and space to let your imagination roam. It wants nothing more than to let you discover and then share your discoveries with screenshots. You can then upload those screenshots on the Radiohead website if you wish.

Unlike most other band-related apps, Polyfauna has no goal. There are no points to be score, no baddies to beat, no marketing message to get across. It is simply an immersive experience to accompany a music piece and for that we applaud it. Polyfauna is available for free on iOS and Android.

Jesmond Darmanin is a technology enthusiast who has his own blog at

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