The Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta – the Ecumenical Order (OSJ) takes note of the recent announcement dated June 11 of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in The Times.

OSJ notes that it is duly registered and trademarked with its names and logos in Malta and that it is not affiliated with SMOM. As the heir and continuator of the original Order of the Knights of St John which made Russia its base after 1798, OSJ regrets the apparent confusion in SMOM’s announcement regarding OSJ’s history and rights.

OSJ notes that, unlike SMOM, it receives no government support and yet over the last three years alone has donated more than $60 million in medicines and medical supplies around the world. Its humanitarian record has been recognised by governments and senior officials in various countries including Honduras, Ukraine, Serbia, Ghana and Romania.

This record is made possible through our very low overhead costs and the absence of official diplomatic relations with other nations, which would necessitate the maintenance of expensive embassies whose benefit to the local needy and poor is highly questionable. Like SMOM, which has been granted observer status at the United Nations as an NGO, OSJ hopes to also be recognised by the UN.

OSJ vigorously defends and supports Christians in nations where Christianity is under attack at present, such as Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria and others. Such support is carried out with medical supplies and through appearances in international media such as Fox and CNN, where OSJ Knights speak out frequently in defence of Christians and of our Judeo-Christian laws and values. In doing so publicly, OSJ is probably unique among the many Orders of St John.

OSJ further notes that its Investitures of new Knights are attended by leading Christian prelates of all denominations, including Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Evengelical senior clergy, and by its Royal Protector Prince Enrique de Borbon of Spain.

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