Situated on the intersection of Neolithic energy sources, this project looks towards cosmologies and ecosystems for inspirations and answers in order to create narratives of post-anthropocentric existences.

Reflecting on human timescales, alongside the deep time of the universe, the project explores possible inclusive futures via world-building and speculative art practices, while consciously avoiding the replication of colonial models. Ultimately, the project questions what kinds of new worlds can be created and what kind of rules these worlds will have to follow.

Exploring practices marginalised by positivist scientific knowledge, the project reflects on the limits of human knowledge. Looking back through millennia, the project imagines the births and deaths of planets, the creation of the cosmos, and our home the earth. Looking forward, the project speculates on how other worlds are being explored or created.

With this exhibition, we shift the perspective towards non-privileged humans, nonhumans, biomes and supposed Martian life forms in order to reflect on the near-future of space colonisation and to explore imaginings of past landings on earth by beings that have pushed human imagination.

This cross-disciplinary project equally engages with astronomy, ecology, science fiction, politics, tarot cards and lucid dreaming to imagine futures that offer realistic and sustainable environments that can sustain life.

Such Stuff as Worlds are Made On is co-curated by Antje Liemann, Letta Shtohryn and Margerita Pulè and is running at Spazju Kreattiv till February 20. The project is supported by Arts Council Malta, the German Embassy, Valletta, and Pico Interactive, Inc. To learn more about the exhibition, visit

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