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Aaron Farrugia has apologised for his reaction to a satirical post on social media which led him to drop a 'yo mama' joke and trade insults with the chairperson of the book council and threat to sue for libel.

It all started with an image uploaded to social media by the satirical page Bis-Serjetà poking fun at the fact that Farrugia’s parents often defend the minister on social media.

The minister replied on Twitter and Instagram, outing the person behind the satirical page, who writes under the pen name of Karl Stennienibarra, urging him to find “a proper job”.

I apologise. And, ideally, ma (Melita), do not comment on this post

This is when Mark Camilleri, who chairs the National Book Council, joined the Twitter thread, telling Farrugia that the author did have a proper job. 

“He writes stuff. Much more useful than posing for photographs unless you come from Baywatch,” Camilleri said, taking another dig at the minister when Farrugia urged him to find a “proper job” as well. 

“Darling, I haven't been in parliament and I still passed by far more bills than you will ever write yourself in your whole career,” Camilleri added.

Things escalated further as Camilleri referred to the recently installed green walls, one of which turned brown, with the chairperson implying it was awarded by direct order.

Farrugia reacted by threatening to sue but things did not end there. 

The minister turned his guns back on Bis-Serjetà author with a ‘yo mama’ joke.

“Anyways Matt, what I will never delete are your mum's comments… wink wink,” he said.

Matt Bonanno replied: “In my 10 years of doing this, no politician - PN or Labour - has ever named me. I guess they all have thicker skin than you. Now go ask mummy and daddy to leave you some heart reacts. And no, I won't be deleting this cos I want everyone to see what a baby you are.”

The final blow came when Bis-Serjetà reshared a photo on Facebook, first published last year, showing Farrugia’s face superimposed on the image of a baby with the caption ‘someone's phone needs a child lock...’

Environment Minister apologises

On Thursday morning, Farrugia said there was no justification for his reaction to the satirical post, which was not the first, and will not be the last of the sort for as long as he remains a public figure.

"There will be no further inappropriate reactions from me. Those who know me know that it does not reflect what I believe in.

"This morning I spoke with the two people involved (in the exchange) where I clarified the issue. Artists should and will continue to find my full support.

"I apologise. And, ideally, ma (Melita), do not comment on this post."

Facebook screengrabFacebook screengrab

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