Sometimes magical things happen and a simple family business can inspire a young mind to create. Kristina Cassar Dowling talks to artistic director Riccardo Giraudi about his new venture in bringing mood restaurant, BeefBar, to the Maltese public

As we sit across each other in the impeccably designed lounge of Malta’s new high-end culinary sensation, Riccardo Giraudi shares his story and passion in connection to his successful brainchild, BeefBar.

“Imagine you have a creative son and force him to take over the family business,” Giraudi says as he explains his connection to his father’s import and export business within the meat industry. “I couldn’t do it – I was bored, I wanted to create something extraordinary.”

Giraudi Group was established in the 1960s by Riccardo’s father Erminio Giraudi, based in Monaco. The family business grew thanks to their deep knowledge of the meat industry. From the world of trade, the son developed an experience through his creativity, vision and sheer level of elegance.

Riccardo GiraudiRiccardo Giraudi

2005 saw the rise of a concept that would surpass even its creator’s expectations – Giraudi launched BeefBar in Monaco together with a few other big names in the restaurant industry including Song Qi, Moshi Moshi and Mozza. The versatility and chic factor of BeefBar was unstoppable, hitting big city names such as Paris, Budapest, Mykonos, Hong Kong, Cannes, Mexico City and others with its unique flair for basic luxury.

This winner in the restaurant industry has now opened in Malta, with a show-stopping design layout fully decked with handcrafted works of art in the form of ceramics, textiles, furniture, lighting and overall ambience. The spectacular view of St Paul’s Islands gives the venue an elevated feeling of magnitude that can only be experienced through BeefBar Malta’s eyes. And if you notice, we haven’t even begun to talk about the exquisite food on the mind-blowing menu.

“BeefBar is an image – it’s a brand in itself and carries a mood that strays away from the cliché steakhouses of Texas. I’ve used my knowledge of the meat industry, chosen the very best and created a concept that I felt Malta would appreciate,” Giraudi says.

There’s a touch of class and a pinch of elitism involved in the BeefBar creation – and no one ever snubbed their nose at that. We’re talking pure perfection on a plate with, design award winning Kobe beef jamón, finding its way to the local menu. The plating here is an art form and engaging with any selection off the menu is more than an everyday feeding session, it’s a ritual that embodies the very essence of good living.

It’s the whole package – enticing every human sense, pairing custom-made décor with comfort, tranquil music for the tranquillity and prime cuts of the world’s most renowned meat bred for our soul’s content. From Japanese Kobe and Australian WX Wagyu to grass-fed Argentinian Angus and corn-fed American Prime Black Angus, the beef choices are endless and the preparation techniques utterly captivating.

With a menu carefully divided into sections, Giraudi gives his diners a great selection of choices such as the Angus beef wheat tortilla taco served with Kobe butter and a hit of habanero as well as the Wagyu beef gyozas with a sour sauce and jalapeño for that fiery kick – each prepared in their respectful techniques by means of traditional state-of-the-art vessels.

The open kitchen features a stunning array of cooking equipment which Giraudi explains will perfect the dishes that he’s chosen from across the globe – keep your soul open to the veal and Kagoshima beef Robata, the smoked Kobe beef tostaditas and the Black Angus beef filet carpaccio found on the Street Food menu.

In keeping with the local flair, Giraudi and his team of seven chefs have incorporated a fish feast that finds its way into the smaller bites section with mahi mahi (lampuki) ceviche served with striking raspberry and earthy black truffles or even Sicilian prawn aguachile with Spanish melon for the sweetness, passion fruit for that tang and jalapeño for some heat. The Great Menu brings Tonkatsu, Teppanyaki and Grilled BeefBar classics to the table where cuts appear before you on custom dinnerware, created specifically for use at BeefBar Malta.

“With BeefBar, I wanted to create a fashion, I wanted to bring something to the world where the typical fine-dining mundanity was nipped at the root. BeefBar is not about molecular gastronomy or sad portions – it’s a bar where you can eat the finest cuts of beef prepared by outstanding chefs in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. I’ve created a mood.”

Dining in a restaurant is an investment in yourself – it’s a sigh of relief that creates a barrier from the normal routine, a haven in which you should indulge. BeefBar ticks all the boxes. Be it location, ambience, service, food or quality, there’s no doubt that the complimentary chauffeur service, attention to detail in venue design nor the precision, passion and perfection served to each diner with every plate presented will wow the crowds and please the palate. BeefBar will be the escape from reality that Malta is hungry for.

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