AD in Parliament will ensure that the environmental is truly prioritised, chairman Michael Briguglio told a press conference this morning.

He said AD wanted a true reform of MEPA, which would result in greater empowerment of civil society representatives, such as environmental NGOs.

“We are calling for sustainable water policies, for environmental justice, and for empowerment of local communities. AD is proposing the introduction of local referenda on projects deemed controversial by local councils or residents.”

Dr Briguglio said that a project shall be submitted for the community’s consideration in a referendum after all the relative studies would have been concluded and made available for a reasonable time for all those wishing to peruse them.

In the case of infrastructural projects of national importance, AD said it would be possible for Parliament to intervene and take a final decision after ascertaining that the objections of the community would have been addressed. Parliament would then assume responsibility for respective decisions.

AD deputy chairman Carmel Cacopardo said that the Environment Chapter of AD’s manifesto dealt with 28 different areas of environmental policy, all of which are important.

Highlighting several of these points, he said that AD in parliament would signify that environmental politics would be placed on the national agenda out of conviction and not as a result of political convenience.

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