Becoming a new parent is one of the biggest challenges you might encounter in your life – particularly when it comes to travelling from one place to another with your baby in tow. Whether you’re running errands, taking a leisurely stroll or visiting the shops, finding the ideal pram or stroller will present you with better mobility and ultimately less stress when travelling.

Choosing between a pram, stroller or both is something that will make a huge difference when it comes to mobility, comfort and efficiency, which is why you need to know the difference between the two, and which one best suits your needs. 


Prams may be used up until the baby can roll and sit up independently generally speaking, as they are excellent for a baby that is lying down or taking a nap. Their sheltered shape is ideal to recreate that secure womb-like ambience for your baby, while also providing a warm environment that protects them from intense sunlight and other outside elements. 

Prams also have additional storage space underneath, making them a great companion for shopping trips and while running errands. On the other hand, prams are wide and bulky - this can present you with storage difficulties if you do not have enough space for one. Luckily, nowadays you can find a range of hybrid models on the market. 


These models may come with separate mounts and carriers that can be converted into the ideal baby or toddler carrier. They are multipurpose, lightweight and easy to fold and transport. Some stroller models are not fit for newborns, so one should always shop around to see which model suits their needs best. Strollers also come with less storage space than traditional prams and are known to be a tad bit more difficult to steer. 

Features to look out for 

While this article is in no way written to veer you in the direction of any particular model, it’s designed to be a guide to help you avoid being overwhelmed by the choices available on the market. 

Newborn-friendly models

It is ideal to choose a newborn-suitable model that can also be used till your child at least reaches toddler age. A number of prams and strollers can hold up to 20kgs, and others come with an assortment of interchangeable attachments that can be swapped out. From reclining seats to car seat attachments, some models truly have it all. If you’re purchasing a pram for your newborn, make sure that the size chosen is suitable for their comfort and safety.

Wheel types

While all wheels swivel, some are easier than others to manoeuvre. A range of prams and strollers come with lockable wheels, ideal to use over rough terrain – these models are great for hike-loving parents, as they can be pushed for long distances when travelling the countryside. 

Large wheels are renowned to be better for urban spaces, out in the streets, cityscapes and roadsides, while inflatable wheels give the baby a less bumpy ride – with the catch of being more prone to bursting or getting a puncture. 

If you’re purchasing a pram for your newborn, make sure that the size chosen is suitable for their comfort and safety.If you’re purchasing a pram for your newborn, make sure that the size chosen is suitable for their comfort and safety.

Folding size 

The ideal model is one that you can open and fold without any issues – you will also need to be able to carry it comfortably on your own. Measure the stroller or pram of your choice to make sure that it fits into your car boot without any issues. Nowadays, a lot of compact models are available on the market, making this a non-issue for most. 

Brake functionality 

Another important factor in choosing the best model for your needs is the brakes. Always ensure that applying both the brake locks and brakes is easy for you, so test out their power before you pick out your model. Prams and strollers come with front or back brakes that are lockable through a specialised release lever close to the carrier’s foot. 

Harnesses and straps

There’s an assortment of harnesses and straps available out there, such as the five-point harness. This is made up of two shoulder straps attached to the stroller’s backrest at shoulder level, a waist strap and a crotch strap. Look out for adjustable and padded straps as they are softer and can adjust easily as your baby grows. Give harnesses and straps a tug if you are planning on getting a toddler-friendly stroller or pram – and make sure that the seat doesn’t come away from the frame easily. 

Travel systems 

Numerous stroller and pram models are nowadays compatible with car seat capsules, making them easy to clip on when using the right adaptors. However, not all of these models are suitable for newborns, and most are not designed to leave your baby sleeping in for an extended period of time due to their shape and positioning.

There are numerous prams and strollers available in Malta and Gozo, and finding the perfect one for your needs includes the consideration of budget, aesthetics, style and characteristics. Consulting a local strollers and prams seller can help you make the most informed decision you can take for yourself and your child. 

Adjustable functions 

While most strollers come with a static backrest, numerous modern models give parents the ability to change their position from fully reclined to upright, making them more comfortable for the baby in the long run. Some prams come with adjustable footrests, designed to reduce the chance of your child getting injured by ending up with their foot caught in the front wheels. Other adjustable features include front bars – these can be attached or detached for your child to hold onto, however, they’re not secure to use when lifting the stroller if your child is in it. Two great and highly useful functions are the canopy and rain cover – particularly in Malta’s harsh weather conditions. 

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