Bernard Grech on Sunday slammed the Prime Minister for failing to ensure his cabinet properly declared their income and assets on time.

Speaking at a political event, Grech said that while ordinary citizens face endless questions when applying for a bank loan or carrying out a transaction, Abela’s cabinet does what it likes.

The annual asset declarations have come under scrutiny after a number of cabinet members failed to declare their income for the previous year.

Abela, who rented out his Żejtun villa to prospective Russian passport buyers, also failed to declare the amount of his rental income.

Grech said this attitude by the government risks further damaging Malta’s image and reputation.

He said “many people” do not believe the financial declarations by cabinet members. 

The opposition leader explained that the asset declarations are meant as a safeguard against abuse by politicians.

Grech said the declarations were only published prior to the budget after pressure by the PN.

Where is the long-term plan?

The Opposition leader also took aim at the government for failing to present a long-term plan for the country.

Instead, Grech said the government is in constant crisis-management mode.

He said the government has no long-term vision for where it wants to take the country.

Grech said the government had consistently failed to deliver on its promises. He said Labour had been promising to build a new mental health hospital since 2013, yet three legislatures later, there was still no sign of this facility.

He said the “cosmetic” budget had failed to address the real problems faced by people.

Grech called on the government to stop misleading people about the cost-of-living adjustment, which next year stands at €10 per week.

The Opposition leader said it is employers, not the government, that will be paying this adjustment.

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