The betting industry is set to get bigger as more and more countries and states are becoming more accepting of it. In the United States, over 20 states have already legalised sports betting and 18 of these states are already regulating it. In-person and mobile betting is now locally operating in some states of the US like New Jersey, Rhode Island, Nevada and Oregon.

People nowadays can easily access the top betting sites in Kenya, the UK, or Denmark, wherever they are in the world. This is because many local laws don’t really prohibit their residents from placing wagers on betting sites that are based offshore. 

With this, more people are now placing their bets online. Going mobile can actually be more beneficial to many and with sports events slowly coming back as the world deals with a pandemic, mobile betting is now an option for many. Why should players bet online?

No need to travel and get in line
In-person betting is still quite an experience but in this time of a pandemic, surely, staying at home is the best option. With this, online betting just makes things better for many sports fans and regular punters.

Even without a pandemic, betting is made easy online. Land-based sportsbooks are typically located near stadiums or commercial places and driving or traveling will be needed. Once you get there, you may still have to get in line to place your bets. These are things that you can then avoid if you just place your bets online.

However, there are instances where people would actually hop on the train to place their bets. This has been the case for many New Yorkers since sports betting became legal in the state. It is indeed legal, but only in-person betting is. Betting online is still not legal in the state and so many New Yorkers would ride the train to New Jersey to place their bets in that state with their mobile phones. This just shows how people would really rather go mobile nowadays.

It’s easier to shop around
The thing about each and every sportsbook is that they may offer different odds and perks. If you’ll be looking for the best odds outside the internet, you may have to drive from one bookie to another. Of course, that is tedious and so you usually end up with not having much choice.

Online, however, is a different story. You can easily visit one bookie and the others to compare the odds they offer. This way, it’s easier to spot which bookies are not being fair and which ones have the best odds. This helps you maximise your betting budget without having to go to different places.

Better promos and bonuses
Aside from the fact that each bookie would offer different odds, they also would offer different promos and bonuses to their new customers and loyal punters. Bonuses online are typically bigger and better. Some online sportsbooks would promise a 100 per cent or even a 300 per cent bonus to their customers.
Definitely, this is something players can take advantage of. Yet they need to make sure to always read the fine print to ensure they are qualified for a promo. There are also instances when promos are capped at a specific amount.

Safe and secure
Many are still iffy about betting online or any online activities that concern their money and this is understandable as there still are online horror stories out there. However, transacting with online sportsbooks nowadays is safe and secure. Just make sure that you are dealing with a licensed online casino or bookie to avoid any problems. 

Players should always opt for licensed and reputable bookies. Check online bookie review sites to know how timely payouts are or what the main concerns of other customers have with a particular bookie. Be a responsible punter and make sure that you never deal with bookies without any licence.

Overall convenience
Overall, it’s just convenient to bet online. You can quickly and easily place your bets in your jammies while you’re in bed. You can also participate in in-game betting wherein odds are offered every few minutes within the game. This is because placing your bet online just really takes a few seconds. You can also download different betting apps to make your betting experience a whole lot better.

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