Archaeologist and Librarian

Antonio Annetto was born in Valletta, the son of Gio Maria Caruana and Rosa née Micallef.

He graduated in theology and divinity in August 1855. He was appointed secretary to the UM in 1866.

Antonio Annetto Caruana succeeded Cesare Vassallo as Librarian of the Malta Public Library between 1880 and 1896.  He was Malta’s most celebrated archaeologist and formerly Keeper of the Archives.  In 1887 he was appointed Director of Education and Rector of the University.

Notwithstanding that he graduated in theology, he was never consecrated priest.

Antonio Annetto Caruana married Maria Metropoli in 1861.  They had six children. Professor Giovanni Caruana LL.D. was their son.

Caruana was a prolific writer, publishing important reports and articles on education, history, and archaeology. His first publication was Enumeratio Ordinato Molluscorum Gaudo Melitensium which was printed in 1876 for the late Giuseppe Mamo.

This biography is part of the collection created by Michael Schiavone over a 30-year period. Read more about Schiavone and his initiative here.

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