BMW’s 5 Series Touring has a history which stretches back decades. Historically one of the firm’s more spacious models, it’s been a favourite among those who value room and practicality above all else. Accompanied by the usual refinement you’d expect from a big BMW, it’s little wonder why it has proven so popular over the years.

But how do you go about transferring that into the electric age? Here’s the car to do it – the i5 Touring. An estate version of the recently introduced i5 saloon, this new Touring aims to be one of the best all-rounder options in the new electric vehicle segment – but is that the case? We’ve been driving it out in Germany to find out.

Aside from the longer rear section that boosts spaciousness, the Touring follows the same technology-focused approach taken by the ‘regular’ i5. That means a screen-heavy interior, plenty of assistance systems and every gadget that BMW currently has to offer. It also gets a fully vegan interior alongside video streaming – giving you access to services like YouTube – to enjoy while you’re charging up.

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