BNF Bank has embarked on various philanthropic initiatives in a bid to actively support the local community.

These include the staff-led initiative #YourCause, which plays an important role in the bank’s corporate social responsibility programme. Support is given to vulnerable individuals, families, youths and the elderly living with disabilities or suffering from health conditions, and those impacted by social injustice, to enjoy a better quality of life.

BNF employees are encouraged to support the bank’s five major pillars: education, health, environment, philanthropy and culture and heritage.

Lorrieann Vella, head of marketing and communication at BNF Bank, emphasised that “owing to the bank’s community involvement, we have continued to grow our outreach with the aim of supporting various cross-sections of society, as well as shining a light on many NGOs that work so hard to raise funds and create awareness.”

In a concerted effort to help improve the quality of life of people and children diagnosed with cancer, contributions were made to the ALIVE Charity Foundation, Puttinu Cares Foundation and Smiling with Jerome with the purchase of ‘Chemo Bags of Hope’ for cancer patients at Mater Dei Hospital.

Support was extended to Beating Hearts Malta to continue aiding patients diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and to the Opening Doors Association, which nurtures the creative expression of people with intellectual disabilities.

Funds were also earmarked for The Malta Trust Foundation to purchase a custom-made assistive device for children with disabilities, including visual impairment, the non-verbal and those on the autism spectrum.

The bank also contributed to Dar Hosea and FIDEM Charity Foundation to help build an accessible and trusted group of support, particularly for vulnerable women and children.

Support to vulnerable sectors of society was also strengthened via a contribution to the Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund (PHRF) and the Malta Community Chest Fund during their annual nationwide event L-Istrina.

Collectively, BNF also responded to calls for support from the Soup Kitchen and YMCA to address the homelessness issue in Malta and to the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) for their free-of-charge emergency aid.

BNF’s generosity also reached the volunteers at The Island Sanctuary, where it helped to cater for the needs of many stray and abandoned dogs.

In a bid to raise awareness of environmental problems and encourage action, support was extended to Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna and Din l-Art Ħelwa, two voluntary organisations that endeavour to contribute towards the restoration and ongoing protection of Malta’s natural and cultural environment for current and future generations.

The bank also transformed the yearly Earth Hour initiative into a longstanding one via the introduction of ‘BNF Lights Off’, whereby ancillary branch lights are switched off from midnight until 6pm every day.

In addition, through its support to local theatre and musical productions such as those from the Astra, Aurora and Manoel theatres, BNF seeks to uphold its pledge to incorporate support of the art and culture scene.

Enhancing educational resources across Malta and Gozo has been on the bank’s CSR agenda since the beginning, and in 2022 it joined forces with the National Literacy Agency and Malta Libraries. Books in Maltese were donated to primary schools in Gozo and publications in braille, dyslexic friendly and large print books were distributed within four local libraries in Malta.

In collaboration with The Optimist Club of Malta, BNF Bank further enabled the launch of a new Ikber Magħna hub in Paola, decked out with laptops, classroom furniture and embellishments, aimed at supporting children and young people in attaining an adequate level of education.

Using its team’s knowledge, networks and financial solutions, BNF Bank is committed to continue finding ways of positively giving back to the communities it operates in.

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