A telecommunications cable linking Malta to Marseille and Egypt has started being laid at Golden Bay.

The cable is part of GO's €25 million National Connectivity Project.

The project was announced in July and forms part of the global PEACE System (Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe) project – a multi-million-euro connectivity network which consists of a 15,000Km submarine cable between  Asia and Europe.

The 55km ‘LaValette’ branch  will connect Malta to the 3214Km Mediterranean stretch between Marseille and Egypt via Cyprus.

This project makes GO the first Maltese operator to have additional redundancy on international connectivity other than to Italy.  

Cable-laying between Abu Talat (Egypt) and Cyprus started on August 4 and was completed on August 23.  

End-to-end testing of the Malta branch is expected in late January or early February 2022 with full connectivity by March.

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