The E-Class has been a longstanding member of the Mercedes family. Large, executive saloons have always been this German brand’s bread and butter, but in more recent times the soaring popularity of SUVs and crossovers has seen it expand its range of high-riding models with more traditional saloons – like the E-Class – sometimes left feeling like something of a relic.

But Mercedes remains committed to this layout – at least for the time being – which means that we’ve got a new generation of E-Class to check out. But is it worth considering over one of this company’s SUVs? Let’s take a look.

From the outside at least, we’ve got a tried-and-tested format. There’s a long wheelbase for a roomy interior, understated yet classy looks and a svelte appearance on the road that’ll ensure that the E-Class looks just as good sauntering around town as it will hammering up the M1 on a Tuesday morning.

Inside, Mercedes has thrown all of its bells and whistles at the E-Class to ensure that it can fend off competition from the screen-heavy crowd that it goes up against.

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