The scene at Mosta industrial zone. Photo - Matthew Mirabelli.The scene at Mosta industrial zone. Photo - Matthew Mirabelli.

A powerful whirlwind demolished a wall at the Mosta industrial zone this evening, badly damaging up to seven cars. Part of the roof of the nearby Lidl store was also blown off, causing a panic among shoppers.

The whirlwind struck at about 7pm, and affected a fairly concentrated area between Mosta and Naxxar. The police reported trees being uprooted in various streets and a small wall caving in, while a balcony was also ripped off, falling onto a vanbelow.

Eyewitnesses said a van in the Mosta industrial estate parking area was practically buried under debris and other cars were also badly damaged.

The scene at Lidl. Picture - Emma Delia - Facebook Times of Malta.The scene at Lidl. Picture - Emma Delia - Facebook Times of Malta.

Many of the cars were parked there awaiting repairs by nearby panel beaters.

Damage was also reported at the nearby Lidl store where a section of the roof was blown off.  No one was hurt, but a reader reported panic.

"We were inside shopping when at some point we heard loud noises, glass shattering and people screaming. We didn't know what is happening until we eventually went outside and saw the mess and people were saying it was a small tornado. Part of the roof structure was ripped ending up in the parking. Some cars were damaged."

The scene outside Lidl.The scene outside Lidl.

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