Temperatures will dip below 30 degrees Celsius from Tuesday with rain expected on Thursday, according to the Met Office. 

A strong breeze is also expected on Monday as wind speeds reach force 6. 

"A cold front from the Atlantic ocean will pass over Malta from early on Monday morning," a spokesperson for the Met Office said on Sunday, when asked what was responsible for the cooler temperatures. 

Describing Thursday's expected rainfall as normal for this time of year, she said this was due to "unstable air" passing over the central Mediterranean from Tunisia.

The rainfall will be right on cue, with the feast of 'San Bert,' traditionally known as marking the opening of the rainy season, being celebrated in Gharghur today.

Despite the stronger winds on Monday, the Met Office is not expecting any gales. 

“The windspeed tomorrow is expected to reach between 22 and 25 knots, or force 6,” the spokesperson said, adding that for a wind to be classified as being at gale force speed, it should reach speeds of between 34 and 40 knots, or force 8.

The 7-day forecast from the Met Office at Malta International Airport.The 7-day forecast from the Met Office at Malta International Airport.

From Tuesday, the temperature will fall to a maximum of 29°C and remain partly cloudy until Wednesday, according to the forecasters at Malta International Airport.

The temperature is expected to drop slightly to a high of 27°C on Thursday with the arrival of rain, which is set to clear by the end of the day. 

From Friday to Saturday, temperatures are expected to climb back to 29°C with cloud cover remaining.

Wind speeds from Wednesday are anticipated to hover between force 3 and 5. 

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