Over 150 people will come together this weekend to take part in a two-day cricket tournament to raise funds in aid of millions of people impacted by the devastating floods in Pakistan.

The Malta Boundary 2 Boundary six-a-side tournament will take place between October 8 and 9, at 32, Joseph Abela Scolaro PE grounds in Ħamrun.

The tournament kicks off on Saturday at 2pm and will last till midnight, and then again on Sunday between 10am and 7pm.

There is a €200 entry fee per team which should be made up of between six and eight people. 

The cricket tournament was the brainchild of Khurram Khan, the chairman of the Swieqi United Cricket Club, and is supported by the Swieqi local council and Malta Cricket Association.

Swieqi United Cricket Club in training. Photo: Khurram Khan.Swieqi United Cricket Club in training. Photo: Khurram Khan.

Most severe flooding

Since June 2022, around 1,678 people have been killed by floods in Pakistan, according to the country’s National Disaster Management Authority. More than 12,850 people have been injured, with over 4,000 being children.

In an aftermath of torrential monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan’s northern mountains, the floods have been described as the most severe flooding in the country’s most recent history.

The floods have washed away villages and it has been reported that around 3.4 million children are in need of assistance and are at increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition.

After thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed, many have had no other choice but to relocate to other villages and set up temporary camps there.

Photo: Khurram KhanPhoto: Khurram Khan

Last month, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that Malta will donate medical supplies to Pakistan. The medical provisions include antibiotics, antiseptics, as well as rapid COVID test kits.

“As we all know, Pakistan has faced deadly floods that killed many children, men, and women. I know many people who were impacted by the flooding, and several have called me to tell me how hard it is for them to survive without basic needs,” Khan told Times of Malta.

“They have no water, food, shelter, or jobs. This saddened me and I wanted to do something for their betterment.”

Khan said he was motivated to help flood victims by organising a cricket tournament, where people will get together for the love of the game and also help raise funds for the flood victims.

He said Pakistan’s former international cricket player, Imran Nazir, will be the special guest at the event.

NGO Migrant Women Association Malta is also supporting and promoting the two-day tournament, encouraging migrant communities in Malta to collectively support Pakistan to overcome this unexpected difficult time.

‘My cousin’s daughter was swept away by the flood and is still missing’

A member of the Migrant Women Association Malta, a Pakistani who has been living in Malta for over 15 years said her five cousins and their families have been terribly affected by the floods.

“They had to leave their village, Punjab, which was heavily hit by the flooding this summer,” she said.

“They left everything behind, their homes were damaged and destroyed. One of my cousin’s daughter, 10, has been missing for two weeks.”

She said the situation is “devastating” but her family continues to remain hopeful and strong.

When she saw the announcement of the charity tournament, she set up a team of her own, despite not knowing how to play cricket.

“For me, it doesn’t matter that I don’t know the game, I just want to do my best to support Pakistan and all those families who have lost so much.”

She appealed to the public to send donations and either participate in the matches or just watch the game.

Donations can be made via Revolut on +356 9981 4953 or Bank transfer at: Malta Cricket Association, HSBC Bank, Account: 8904 6957 003 IBAN: MTO7 MMEB 4489 7000 000 8904 6957 003 Swift code: MMEBMTMT

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