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Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, one of Daphne Caruana Galizia's most vociferous detractors, on Thursday publicly saluted her for exposing those who had "weaved a web of corruption" which "has put our country to shame".

But he quickly came under attack from Jason Micallef, the former Labour general secretary and current head of the PL media company, who labelled him a 'false person'.

Pullicino Orlando was one of the most frequent targets of Caruana Galizia's blogs and he used to reply in kind on Facebook.

On Thursday in an 'open note' addressed to her two years after her murder, he  wrote:

"You lied so often, about so many people, that a lot of us ended up not believing you when you said the truth.

"Just like the boy who cried wolf, I decry you for the lies and for the waste of your considerable talent as a writer on malicious gossip.

"I also, however, salute you for your courage and tenacity in exposing those among us who were using their connections or position to weave a web of corruption which has put our country to shame.

"May they get what they deserve.

"May you rest in peace."

Pullicino Orlando's 'open note' came as the police interview former chief of staff Keith Schembri and prominent businessman Yorgen Fenech who are both regarded as persons of interest in the murder investigation.

Jason Micallef in strong reaction

Dr Pullicino Orlando's post drew an angry response from Jason Micallef.

"I cannot but comment about this 'false' person who hit the headlines this morning after having been the author of the Mistra case, the biggest lie in the 2008 electoral campaign. At the time, the PN and its allies, including the blogger (Daphne Caruana Galizia) had stoutly defended a barefaced lie, despite us having all the evidence including the contract. 

At the end of campaigning before the 2008 election, then party leader Alfred Sant had produced a document claiming that Pullicino Orlando, then a PN MP, planned to set up on open-air disco on land he owned in the Mistra countryside. Pullicino Orlando had denied the plans, although he owned the land. He said somebody else had drawn up those plans. 

"Just a day after the 2008 election the PN and its allies including the blogger, turned their guns on JPO, because they had achieved their aim," Mr Micallef said.

"They had stolen the election with a few votes.

"But the irony continues.

"That person who is currently being interrogated (a reference to Keith Schembri) had sent for and welcomed this false person who this morning came out pontificating his virginity.

"I am proud to having never supported him and never backed his rehabilitation in the Labour Party after having been sacked by the PN after they used him," Mr Micallef said. 


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