A new documentary, Murgo-Ħoss, focusing on the Maltese jazz pioneer and saxophonist Sammy Murgo will premiere on Sunday.

The short documentary dedicated to Murgo, who died in February, is the brainchild of the percussionist and documentarian, Ġużè Camilleri and is directed and edited by Cedric Vella.

Ġużè Camilleri. Photo: Marija GrechĠużè Camilleri. Photo: Marija Grech

Camilleri came up with the idea of making a film about Murgo in 2021 while interviewing him for his other documentary, Strait Street to Abbey Road, which focused on the life of prolific Maltese jazz musician Tony Carr.

Camilleri decided to make the documentary to capture Murgo’s spirit and character and ensure his memory would remain for future generations to discover.

The documentarian believes Maltese music history is broken, especially when it comes to the jazz scene.

He feels many musicians like Murgo have been forgotten because their careers have not been properly documented. One example is the American multi-instrumentalist Juice Wilson, whom he considers a key figure in the development of Maltese jazz.

Camilleri hopes that after watching his film, people will remember Murgo as an inspiration for the way they should conduct ourselves.

"Murgo somehow always felt youthful even though he was 86. He was so enthusiastic about life and playing.”

He noted how well into his 80s, the proud Floriana native regularly played under the arches of the Vilhena Band Club.

“Sammy had something that went against what I see in many Maltese people:  he was never competitive. He knew he was good but he was never competing with other musicians. He stayed curious and kept learning, even as he got older."

Trailer for the documentary. Video: Sugu Tv

Murgo - Ħoss premieres on Sugu.TV at 10.45am on Sunday. 

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