Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo has apologised for having shared a Facebook post warning about bananas being injected with HIV-infected blood.

“This is a lesson in how widespread fake news has become, and how careful we have to be when sharing things with others,” he wrote in an apologetic post.

The claims made in the post – which is not backed by facts or medical science – prompted widespread ridicule of the Mosta MP on social media.

“A groups of people is injecting fruits with blood containing HIV and AIDS,” the post warned. “This is Satanism. PLEASE SHARE this post and save others”.

HIV cannot be transmitted through food and dies almost instantly upon coming into contact with air.

Fake internet warnings about discoloured bananas being infected with HIV have circulated for years and even merit their own entry on myth-busting website Snopes.

In his apology, Mr Vassallo suggested his misplaced warning had been “blown out of proportion” due to his conservative leanings.

“It’s better to have ended up in the news for something like this, than for being involved in a corruption scandal,” he noted. “I won’t give up fighting for what’s right because of a minor, genuine error. I will continue to respect those who disagree with me,” he added.

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