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If you are thinking of buying or renting a property in Malta or Gozo, an estate agent will be a fantastic guide to walk you through this journey.

The Maltese property market has grown over the past few years – along with the types of homes and properties available in Malta and Gozo. If you’re a first-time buyer or are looking for a second home, multiple estate agents can assist you in finding your ideal residence. From lavish contemporary villas to compact flats or breath-taking houses of character, here are the types of homes you can find in Malta and Gozo.

The farmhouse

Quaint, cosy and absolutely stunning, The Maltese farmhouse is typically around 300 to 500 years old and can be found in old hamlets and rural areas and it was mainly used to shelter animals or store goods. 

Farmhouses in Malta and Gozo commonly feature authentic traits such as birthing chambers, arched ceilings, feeding troughs and stables. Walls are made from wide, immense slabs and oftentimes have thick metal rings hammered into them, which were once utilised to tie up farm animals. Narrow or smallish windows can be found at an exceptionally lofty elevation. A traditional farmhouse is normally laid over two floors and comes with an internal south-facing courtyard. 

Farmhouses in Malta and Gozo are nowadays seen as luxurious properties after being transformed into contemporised and enchanting spaces that hone the structure’s authentic elements. 

The house of character

Similar to farmhouses, these gorgeous dwellings are generally meticulously restored to provide a current and comfortable living environment. Houses of character are 400 to 500 years old with some boasting an even older age. Most HoCs in Malta and Gozo were constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries, and are mainly found in urban surroundings. 

Tall arches, broad limestone walls and carved beams can be found in houses of character around Malta and Gozo – with some boasting historical mementoes from their previous owners, such as frescoes or wall engravings. Houses of character usually have a centralised courtyard enclosed by numerous chambers overlooking it. These homes vary drastically in size – from tiny spaces made up of two rooms and a cellar to dazzling multi-storey spaces with immense outdoor areas.

A striking distinction between a Maltese farmhouse and a house of character is that the latter features larger windows, as it was built for farmers and their families to live in, while the farmhouse was created to provide shelter to livestock.

The townhouse 

Gloriously beautiful and undoubtedly charming, the Maltese townhouse is a unique building. This dwelling was introduced in the early 19th century with the arrival of the British and is oftentimes found in the town square or close by.

Most townhouses found in Malta and Gozo have a wide frontage – with some being double fronted or having two entries on two separate streets. These captivating houses are often built over two or more storeys and have high ceilings.

Double-fronted townhouses are a rare breed – particularly those with wide hallways and rooms on either side.

The Maltese townhouse has outstanding traditional architectural characteristics such as cornices, high ceilings, mouldings, xorok (stone slab ceilings), travi (beams) and ceiling roses. Other sought-after elements include traditional Maltese tiles, arches, ornate staircases and shapely windows.

The terraced house 

Terraced houses are comparable in size to townhouses – save for the high ceilings and narrow rooms. 

Terraced houses in Malta and Gozo are reasonably large and were constructed between the 1960s and 1990s. These modern and grand spaces consist of numerous vast chambers, large gardens and terraces, a basement or a garage and a considerable roof space or two. 

The terraced house is the ideal dwelling for families as it gives space for privacy, while still uniting everyone in a communal space.

The maisonette 

Maisonettes in Malta and Gozo come in solitary or duplex varieties, with some being similar to spacious apartments with no common areas. They are typically developed over one level and have private entryways. 

Ground-floor maisonettes usually have a back garden or yard, while first-floor maisonettes have full or partial airspace and roof use. Nowadays one can find a variety of maisonette levels available in Malta and Gozo, including semi-basement, ground, first, second and third floors. 

The villa 

The villa is characterised not by its age, but by its size, quality and luxuries. These extravagant homes are usually disconnected from others, and most often come with a front garden or patio. With expansive grounds, ample outdoor amenities and huge indoor spaces, villas in Malta and Gozo are luxurious spaces that can be construed as a bungalow or multi-storey buildings. 

The palazzo 

These period properties are commonly found in old towns, cities and villages. Palazzos in Malta and Gozo come with an exceptional number of spacious rooms, opulent staircases, high ceilings, stupendous outdoor areas and of course, the piano nobile. This first storey with large windows and higher than average ceilings was designed to demonstrate its superior standing compared to the other floors. The piano nobile contains all major rooms as it is where the aristocratic homeowners resided, rather than the lowly service rooms on the ground floor reserved for servants. 

The apartment 

Flats in Malta and Gozo range from studios to spacious terraced penthouses. Living in one means that you need to pay compulsory annual fees for the upkeep and administration of common parts. Luxury apartments in Malta and Gozo may include access to a range of facilities shared with other residents, such as pools, gardens, elevators and parking lots. 

Apartment blocks come with a penthouse on the topmost floor. Penthouses can be compact and small or made up of a duplex layout. They are a typically sought-after space because of their pleasant views and outdoor space. 

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