Digital leaders Anchovy. together with PwC Malta have announced their strategic collaboration by officially launching Onest.

Founded back in 2019, Onest is a bold and innovative company that aims to have a meaningful positive impact on society by helping businesses and governments make sense of the world around them using data.  

Onest provides a narrow suite of services around data including consumer market research, digital analytics, data visualization, insights, predictive modelling, and training. It focuses on the generation of quick, actionable data intelligence to support clients’ strategic decisions.

The company employs a close-knit team of data specialists in Malta, working alongside clients and partners locally and internationally. 

Onest is also assisting clients to place a greater focus on analytics. Big data, consumer trends, behavioural analysis and competition analysis are but a few pillars of analytics that leads an entity to understand the current environment it is operating in. 

With prowess and agility in the digital realm, Anchovy. are accustomed to understanding the ever changing consumer needs of today’s cultures. Co-founder, Benji Borg said: “A shift has taken over the business world and it is becoming more and more relevant with every company that realizes the potential behind it.” 

He added: “ Our goal is to provide business owners and management the right data to action the right communication strategy for both internal and external use.” 

Of the same understanding is David Valenzia, territory senior partner at PwC Malta who stated that “Data gives businesses the power to act - not react and its strategic importance cannot be understated. Organisations cannot afford to make decisions based on assumptions. Every successful business needs to harness the power of data to improve performance.

Onest supports clients in optimizing their competitive position by generating key insights in their industry, delivering strategic recommendations for rapid growth, and most importantly guiding them towards successful decisions time and time again. 

Once brands have data at their disposal, they can implement the appropriate analysis systems to solve many of their problems. Through Onest, Anchovy. and PwC will be offering businesses big data in order to deliver tailored products to their targeted markets. 

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