Dr. Schӓr has been serving the special nutritional needs of people for past 40 years. The company focuses on specialised products in the areas of renal nutrition, metabolic nutrition, and gluten-free foodstuffs. What initially started out as a family business in South Tyrol, today employs just under 1,500 employees and operates in eleven different countries across eighteen distinct locations.

The rapid growth in the company’s operations led to an increase in their consumer service commitments and service levels. As their consumer service team relied solely on Microsoft Outlook and traditional email, they struggled to respond to all the incoming queries and chats in a timely manner. Moreover, the inevitable manual effort required left them with little time for reporting and measuring service effectiveness. Additionally, the lack of integration between Outlook and the implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, affected the team from achieving reasonable productivity and efficiency gains.

Dr. Schӓr’s decision was to engage an external service provider for a solution to enhance their consumer service to address their growing customer base. After gaining a sound understanding of the company’s requirements, helped by being a fully certified Zendesk partner, iMovo reported that Zendesk would be the perfect solution due to its scalability, flexibility, as well as strong features. The proposed Zendesk implementation ensures that the consumer service team transition from the traditional ‘one-email-per-contact’ paradigm to the more-modern, Zendesk-based, ‘one-ticket-per-issue’ solution. 

Overseeing the entire process from start to finish, Dolores Vincenzo, Lead Corporate Consumer Service at Dr. Schӓr stated that: “Together with the professional and friendly support of iMovo, we improved the efficiency of our consumer service by creating a bespoke solution for Zendesk with the CRM integration.”

The option of outsourcing external assistance for this project was the obvious option because of the projects’ own inherent complexity. Furthermore, having additional knowledge and best practises is undoubtedly a benefit to any company. The bespoke solution was devised after various meetings between Dr. Schӓr and iMovo. These meetings were essential to develop a support process that could easily be expanded both vertically, to incorporate higher levels of escalation, as well as horizontally, such as for expanding into other markets. The entire solution was implemented across three different processes: 

Phase 1: Commencing with the implementation of adopting an Omnichannel help desk, with a facilitated and incorporated live chat into a single interface, to maximise agents’ focus on helping customers.

Phase 2: Follows with, a multinational expansion.

Phase 3: concluding with an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Deciding to integrate Zendesk with Dr. Schӓr’s current system allowed:

  1. A clear overview of all incoming inquiries of all channels
  2. Enhancement efficiency by reducing manual data entering thanks to CRM integration
  3. Automatic Customer Satisfaction ratings
  4. Linked tickets for interactions with other departments and eliminate unplanned information silos across the organisation
  5. Better performance measurement for ongoing process improvement
  6. A powerful knowledgebase that can be accessed to attain a streamlined response to customer requests
  7. Real-time reports

The vastly efficient consumer service process saved the team substantial time for performance improvements assessments and issue analysis. The value gained was manifold in terms of both enhancing consumer service operations and improving the quality of customer conversations.

A company much like Dr. Schӓr that relied on Microsoft Outlook and traditional email, benefits greatly from an omnichannel help-desk to grow, and facilitate the consumer service team, and expand the different areas of the business. Together with iMovo’s expert involvement this collaboration has helped identify the optimum solution that best fits the modus operandi within Dr. Schӓr, and in the process created a long-term partnership with Zendesk.

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