Investing to reducing carbon emissions, generating more energy via alternative technologies, investing in electric company vehicles, doubling the current PV system and continuous education on the conservation of energy are among Vivian’s priorities to become more sustainable.

Joanna Gatt, director at Vivian who heads the company’s new Sustainability Committee, shared these details during a courtesy visit Miriam Dalli, minister for the environment, energy and regeneration of the Grand Harbour, paid to the healthcare company based in Marsa.

Gatt noted how Vivian’s Sustainability Committee is in line with the company’s commitment and responsibility towards more sustainability in Malta.

“When we moved to our new premises in Marsa eight months ago, it was an opportunity to start from scratch and to start doing things better. We are a specialised healthcare company and like all businesses should, we recognise that we need to constantly ensure we operate more in line with the ESG values.  More importantly, this journey has to be undertaken by everyone within the company,” she said.

Introducing Vivian’s Sustainability Committee team, Denise Borg Manché, managing director of Vivian, explained how this initiative has been carefully curated to be representative of the entire organisation and to possess the necessary expertise.

“We believe that everyone has a role to play in this goal for more sustainable operations. Today, after months of constant training and education on how we can operate better, all of us at Vivian know that to engage in more sustainable practices simply involves making sure we find a better way of doing things, together.”

Dalli commended Vivian’s commitment to sustainability.

“Companies have a crucial role in fulfilling our country’s vision to achieve a more sustainable way of operating and doing things. Moreover, companies can be powerful drivers for positive change not only amongst their employees but also with stakeholders, communities and society at large.

“The way Vivian chose to lead by example by setting up a Sustainable Committee made up of employees is commendable as this fosters a more collaborative and inclusive approach which is crucial to reach our country’s goals,” she said.

The Sustainability Committee operates a compliance checkbox which includes initiatives such as e-mail management to reduce carbon footprints, energy conservation, reduction of noise to enhance tranquillity within the workspace, waste separation, paper use reduction and digitalisation. Employee training is ensuring that all of its workforce is well-versed in ESG and sustainability practices.

Vivian’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond internal practices and has already been engaging with several stakeholders apart from its colleagues, such as patient groups, its suppliers and clients, the Malta Chamber, as well as with the local community in Marsa.

Eventually, the company will also undergo a thorough materiality assessment to identify the common key areas of most relevance to both its stakeholders as well as to the company.

“Our top priorities are to continue to ensure business ethics, to strive for equitable market access of innovative treatments and diagnostics, patient safety, diversity, equity and inclusion, and to reduce our carbon emissions for the improvement of the quality of life of Malta’s population,”  Gatt added.

Vivian also applied for and received a grant in support of its reporting exercise after the government launched €5,000 grants to support SMEs that wanted to start reporting on their sustainability measures. Research on various other possible grants is also ongoing.

“As an SME, we are not yet obliged to undertake ESG reporting but we believe in setting an example and now, our reporting on the Malta ESG Platform will prepare us for when we would need to be aligned with future regulatory requirements such as the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD),” Gatt continued.

“We feel that this approach makes our work and our vision, so much more meaningful.”

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