Betting is a sport that has been done for years; when it began most people indulged for fun and as a hobby. However, it has become a money-making activity that often leads to addiction and bad spending habits, leading to the establishment of restrictions by governments globally. With the increase in the number of people betting, there has been a significant increase in the number of betting sites; most of these platforms have the same performance mechanisms with very few alterations. 

These few differences are what differentiates a good betting site from a non-profitable one. As a professional gambler, you do not want to put your stakes in the wrong platform or one that has high-interest rates. Consequently, it is important to conduct your research and evaluate most betting sites, if not all, before deciding on the one to use.

Factors to consider when selecting a betting site

User experience

User experience is fundamental in the process of selecting an ideal betting site. Often, most users will leave reviews on their experience while using a certain betting site. The user interface and accessibility of a betting site are some of the essential features that should not be ignored. When selecting a betting site or company, always choose one whose web interface and mobile application are easy to navigate and use. Some of the betting sites have so much content on their web pages, which can be confusing. Moreover, ensure that the processes in the selected site, such as registration, are quite straightforward. Finding matches or any events that you wish to place your bets on should be easy and fast.

Safety and regulations

Betting sites are regulated and licensed by different bodies in different countries; however, it is a base requirement for any site to be registered and its operations regulated. Regulation helps foster the safety and security of the platform in question. Before selecting a betting site, always check its websites for comprehensive information on the bodies that regulate and govern its operations. Investing in unregulated betting sites increases risks of fraud, puts your money at risk, and is illegal.

Range of sports and betting options

There is an assumption that football is the only game that one can bet on. This is not the sake; most sports and games are viable for betting- as long as there is competition between two teams, a wager can always be placed. However, not all betting sites are all-inclusive; in fact, most of these betting sites are famous because of football. Make sure that the betting company you select is all-inclusive and covers other sports like swimming, rugby, tennis, and horse racing, among others. The more games available on the app, the more options you have to select when deciding which game to bet on.

Customer support

Lack of customer support or having to wait for hours to get help when placing your bet can be very frustrating. Therefore, it is important to ensure you select a betting site with excellent customer support and one that offers multiple communication channels with the customer support team. The customer service department should be functional and available 24/7 to help with any queries that you might have. User reviews are one of the primary sources of information regarding customer support and their average response time; you might want to take a look at these before making a decision. Betting companies like BetMentors Reviews provide information on the performance of customer service of different betting sites.

Now that you understand some of the important factors that you must have in mind when selecting a betting site, the selection process will, in turn, be easy, accurate, and fast. Normally, you would be forced to spend more time scavenging the internet for information on the ideal sites; this is quite challenging as there are dozens of blogs written by both newbies and experts and thus, you would not know which one you can trust. However, with platforms such as BetMentor Reviews, selecting betting sites has become quite easy. This is because the company has conducted the research for you and compiled a list of ideal betting sites for you to select from. The list provides comprehensive details about each betting site, and this will make it easy for you to decide which one is suitable for your needs. Below are some of the ideal betting sites that you might go for;

  • Paddy Power
  • Paddy Power is an online betting site that has been rated as a very good betting site that is completely safe for you to play and enjoy. During our review, we considered players’ complaints, reputation signals from other review sites and social media, estimated revenue, licenses, the provision of responsible gambling tools, quality of customer support, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal limits, withdrawal times, payment methods, as well as many other factors. So, if you were wondering if this bookie is safe or a scam? Read the full review below to learn more.
  • 888sports

This is one of the earliest betting sites in the industry that has served its clients since 1998. The platform operates both a website and a mobile application, which makes it easy for users to access from any location. It fosters security by limiting the use of VPNs and only allowing users from the UK. Some of the sports covered include football, Greyhound racing, athletics, basketball, and badminton, among others. Deposit limits, age verification, Gambam Tool, and a customer support team are some of the strategies implemented by the firm to help with responsible gambling. However, the company often takes any balance left in a dormant account for a certain period, which might be viewed as unethical and unfair to the players. Moreover, it does not support payment systems such as Skrill, PayPal, MuchBetter, and Neteller. Betmentor listed it with a rating of 9.8/10, even though there are no user reviews.

There are more betting sites listed on BetMentor reviews, each with detailed information on its pros and cons. However, these sites do not have any user reviews, which makes it difficult to trust the ratings given by the platform. How could a betting site be rated as a 9.8 without any user reviews? What criteria is the company using? Nonetheless, this does not imply that the information is unreliable; however, it would be prudent to check other review sites and see what users think of these betting sites before making a decision.

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