Many Maltese families nowadays give great importance to education as well as the use of open spaces for recreational purposes. A project written and proposed by PN councillor for Siġġiewi, Francine Farrugia – who is responsible for education – has been approved by the Directorate for Local Government – Strategy and Policy Implementation.

This project will be carried out over the coming months and is part of a wider initiative that I have taken, to use public spaces around various urban areas in Siġġiewi. This is the first capital project in Malta that has been studied through various focus groups – with the aim of revitalising the Triq Salvu Borg Olivier area, to allow its use by families as well as schools that have embarked on pilot projects on renewable technology, in conjunction with mobility educational programmes. 

The Educational Family Park – Simulation Playing FieldThe Educational Family Park – Simulation Playing Field

Currently, this area in Siġġiewi lies abandoned and full of discarded waste – through this project, the area will be given a new lease of life. It will also include a Road Simulation Educational Area, where residents, students and families will be able to enjoy an open area for recreational, sports and educational purposes. This project has been financially approved by the Directorate for Local Government – Strategy and Policy Implementation – with investment going towards equipping the space with renewable and sustainable energy, and safe and educational materials. 

The Road Simulation Educational Area offers an opportunity for children to be trained in the practicality of Maltese road and pedestrian road signs. At the same time, they can enjoy a creative space which, through the use of innovative technology, will help them learn and discover alternative means of sustainable energy. 

One relevant example is that the light in this space will be generated by solar panels, which can also be used as parking tents. This sustainable alternative lighting will not have a negative impact on the environment and will contribute towards helping reduce climate change (Sustainable Development Goals 2030). Another innovation will see the park equipped with charging pillars in the parking area. 

Another principal aim of this project is to safeguard air quality through alternative incentives – which in turn will encourage residents to make use of these renewable and sustainable systems. 

The whole family will have the opportunity to spend their free time here – and enjoy walking around the locality, using the recreational areas, which are also equipped for people with different abilities, and enjoy the surrounding scenery, also through the use of proposed telescopes. The area is also ideal for school outings. 

Thus, physical activity – through sports such as cycling, basketball, rowing and athletics – will be encouraged. This will help us further reduce vehicle emissions, reduce obesity and increase appreciation of the surrounding environment. 

The Educational Family Park – Simulation Playing Field is another example of the original creativity shown by Nationalist Party candidates, an originality which is lacking in Labour Party candidates.  

Francine Farrugia is a hard-working, focused youth candidate that holds a vision and has at heart education and cultivation of culture and identity within the Maltese society. She is a candidate for the PN for the 2022 general election and will be contesting on the fifth and sixth districts. 

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