Thirty-eight fishermen from Marsascala have written to Transport Minister Ian Borg, urging him to drop plans for a yacht marina in the locality because it would threaten their livelihood.

In a letter released by Moviment Graffitti, the fishermen explained how, according to the plans, spaces which are essential for their fishing activities will be taken up by pontoons, yachts, land reclamation and facilities for the marina.

The fishermen insisted that Marsascala Bay is not simply the place where they berth their boats, but also the space where they make all the preparations related to their fishing trips. It is the place where they load their boats and where they unload and sell their catch.   

The locality's fishermen also held a press conference early this month to declare their opposition to the project. 

"We were born here and intend to stay here. How can we work if the bay is full of pontoons? Where will we offload our catch and maintain our boats. Where will we unload a 100KG fish? We do not agree with this one bit” they said.

Residents also held a protest in August.  

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