The entertainment world has been significantly affected by the global events in 2020 and 2021. No matter which area of life, there were little to no public events, and this led to people living less active lifestyles and finding alternative forms of amusement and pastimes. 

Even with most countries loosening the grip, that doesn’t negatively affect companies operating in the entertainment industry. Among other countries the sector has primarily gained popularity in Canada as most Canadians try to find new and alternative ways to stay entertained. 

In this article, we’ll look at the trends in the Canadian entertainment world.

1. Online gambling

While online casinos have existed for more than a decade, the industry has seen some critical trends. Observing the game portfolios and offerings on Canadian review sites one can see the shift in welcome offers as well as increased interest in live casino games.

With most online casinos introducing new and upgraded games, players have a wide selection of games to play. Players can access these games using their favourite devices like smartphones, desktops or laptops at their convenience.

The rapid growth in online gaming has encouraged most online casinos to provide better offers to their players. Online casinos know that they need to entice more players to play with them to remain on top of the competition. As a result, they have offered lucrative bonuses such as welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, cash backs, among other perks.

2. Video games

Canada has seen a rise in the popularity of video games, with the industry contributing over $4.2 billion in revenue in 2021 so far. And the good thing is, the video game market in Canada predicts to have significant growth of up to $3 billion by 2023. This is more than what other countries like the UK and Germany gave gained from their video game industries.

Game developers in Canada have worked to ensure they introduce more inventive and ambitious games. It’s now easy to find video games that can fit every gamer can enjoy playing. The ability to develop and produce high-quality video programs has made Canada a thriving hub for video games.

3. Music

The music industry has been on the rise, thanks to the wide acceptance of recorded music. Canadians have adopted an international trend where they listen and watch more music concerts online. One would have expected the industry to decline due to the cancellation of live events. On the contrary, the music industry expects a growth of over $930 million by 2023. This will be significant growth of more than $300 million since 2018.

With more Canadians joining the gaming world to play video games and online casino games, they can play games as they listen to music. Universal Music Canada (UMC) and Luminosity Gaming have partnered to promote each other’s services. It’s now possible for Canadians to stream music as they play their favourite games.

4. Film industry

Canada has been one of the best options for film production worldwide. The film production industry in the country remained open even during the last year, offering fewer charges. 

As a result, plenty of series and films have been released, providing the market with a broader selection. Canada has been ranked third on the list of filming industries globally, and the industry has employed over 180,000 people.

5. Video streaming

Canada’s digital economy has been on the rise, allowing the country to get ranked as one of the best in global technology. With most people preferring to stay indoors than going out to cinemas, streaming videos has become a trend.

Luckily, some streaming media service providers like Netflix and YouTube have gone a long way in offering Canadians a chance to stream videos on demand. It’s now possible to subscribe and stream their favourite videos on the internet without leaving their homes.

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