One of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s alleged murderers has launched a final call for the authorities to produce all evidence of the telephone intercepts which allegedly proved crucial in nailing the three suspects.

This latest bid by George Degiorgio was made in a judicial letter filed in court on Tuesday morning. He called upon the Attorney General, the Police Commissioner and the head of Security Services, to “immediately” bring forward the recordings and transcripts of those intercepts as well as the minister’s warrant guaranteeing their legality.

Mr Degiorgio’s lawyer, William Cuschieri, pointed out that this judicial act was necessary because in spite of repeated calls, the respondents had still not produced this evidence.

Such behaviour was “a blatant breach of the law that they [respondents] were meant to safeguard,” he said, launching another call, “for the last time” for the requested evidence. He said the recordings, transcripts and warrant were to be produced, “immediately” or at utmost, within 24 hours of this call.

Mr Degiorgio has a right to ensure that investigations in his regard had been carried out in terms of law, said Dr Cuschieri, reserving the right to further legal action.

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