A man who allegedly stabbed his mother and aunt to death in their Għargħur family home, has filed an application pleading insanity at the time of the crime.

Kevin Micallef, 44, stands accused of the wilful murder of Antonia Micallef and Maria Carmela Fenech in July 2018.

The police had gone to the scene after receiving a call from the suspect himself, telling them that he had killed his mother and aunt.

They found him covered in blood splatters, with the two women dead in the  washroom.

Micallef had later explained how he had been feeling tired and suspected that his mother and aunt were putting substances in his drink.

He had also complained about his mother’s controlling nature, saying she always got in the way whenever he tried to strike up a relationship with a woman.

The final violent attack was allegedly sparked off when Micallef overheard his aunt in the washroom asking her sister, “do you think he noticed?”

The man, believing that this was confirmation of his suspicions, had grabbed a knife and stabbed both relatives.

As the compilation of evidence continued, the accused’s lawyer, Francois Dalli, filed an application explaining that there was evidence showing that the man was, and has long been, suffering from a degenerative disease.

This neurological affliction had also been shown by a psychiatrist who testified in the proceedings in April 2019.

In the light of this medical condition, the accused was raising the plea of insanity at the time of the crime, bringing this formally to the cognizance of the court for the relative procedures to enter into play.

Lawyer Francois Dalli signed the application.

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