AirX Charter is a growing dynamic company in the air-chartering business with a diverse fleet operating on a worldwide level.

They first shifted their mobile services to GO and then, with GO’s support, they started moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

“For a company like AirX, it is critical that our IT platforms, our cloud solutions and cybersecurity infrastructure remain aligned to the company’s business strategy, especially as the company is eyeing further growth,” says Marco Andrade, the company’s CTO, whose one of his priorities was to further digitalise the company.

“Over the past months, the company has had to adjust to a changing market; in fact, besides affluent single clients, recently our service has started being sought after by people chartering private flights to travel as a group – a phenomenon amplified by COVID as people want to fly ‘safer’ by avoiding crowded airports and planes.”

Based in Malta but with offices also in the UK, AirX Charter recently converted an A340 from its already diverse fleet into a cargo aircraft to be able to expand into the cargo flight sector.

GO services AirX with broadband connections; mobile phones and mobile data connections, as well as a SIP trunk with 3CX on the cloud to enable efficient connectivity between the company’s office at the airport and its main offices in SmartCity.

GO was the natural choice for AirX because it provided the full spectrum of services they needed to expand and build a robust connectivity system

“Ours is a very mobile team, travelling frequently and always on the go, and this is why they needed connectivity solutions on the cloud, without being dependent on a system that required constant management. Therefore, as we looked for a connectivity partner, we knew that we wanted an organisation that could give us dependability and reliability. Today, in fact, we are happy using SIP and many services on the cloud, through GO’s services.”

Andrade explained how GO was the natural choice for AirX because it provided the full spectrum of services they needed to expand and build a robust connectivity system.

“Every time we found ourselves thinking and planning the implementation of future projects to support our digitali­sation, we would find that GO was already offering the services we needed. Therefore, for us, GO has always been the best and most natural choice for our growth prospects.”

GO has been servicing AirX Charter since 2017 and Andrade explained how this time was an opportunity for the company to discover how for GO, it was never a matter of just providing a service but about building a long-lasting relationship and by being as approachable as possible.

In line with this commitment, GO this year launched a dedicated business support line (2121 2121), exclusively for business clients, an initiative that continues to bring GO closer to the business community.

Andrade adds that GO was particularly helpful during the pandemic, when they suddenly needed to shift everything to the cloud and have their teams working remotely.

“It was a big feat, but we managed to shift over 85 per cent of employees to remote working, enabled by GO’s connectivity infrastructure and cloud solutions they use. This enabled us to transition from in-office to remote working in a much smoother way.”

Andrade confirmed that AirX Charter is now looking forward to opportunities of future collaboration with GO, especially in terms of GO’s 5G service proposition.

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