Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech on Thursday downplayed survey results predicting a landslide victory for the Labour Party, saying only that the only poll that counts is the final electoral result.

Grech was giving his final press conferences of the electoral campaign ahead of a mass rally in Palace Square, Valletta, which will close the PN campaign.   

He also hinted that whatever the result of Saturday's election, he will seek to stay on as party leader in a leadership vote which the PN is statutorily obliged to hold after the election.   

“If I feel like I still have something to give to the party, I will continue to offer my services after the election,” he said. 

In his address Grech highlighted many of the PN’s flagship proposals for the economy, the environment, transport and health. He also stressed that all eligible voters should cast their ballot,  even if they have grievances with the party. 

The choice, he said, was between continuing down a road of “fear, arrogance and oppression” or "a new path of “freedom”.  

“Apart from material wealth, we will ensure that your basic liberties are safeguarded and your voice counts. But to make that happen we need a strong vote for the Nationalist Party,” he continued. 

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'Forgive us for our mistakes'

“Neither I nor the party are perfect, mistakes were made. But I ask you to forgive us for those mistakes because the price we will pay if we cannot move on from the past is too great and by the time we all realise this it might be too late.” 

“We will be an honest government that listens and pays attention to its people,” Grech added. 

“I pledge to achieve everything we have promised. Ultimately our support cannot be measured only in votes, but how we live our lives and our actions with the people.”

'Final outcome on Saturday'

The final polls show the Labour party heading towards a majority of 55.9 per cent  versus 42.8 per cent for the PN.

But asked whether this was the death knell to the Nationalists’ electoral hopes, Grech said that while polls give an indication, the ultimate result is that produced by the ballot box. 

“I sincerely believe that people are getting the PN’s message and are tired of Robert Abela’s arrogance,” he said.  

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