The first major autumn downpour pounded Malta on Tuesday, and with it came the flooding to parts of the island's road network.

Daniele Baraggioli, an Italian man living in Malta, took to Facebook to air his frustration, saying he could not understand how the thousands he paid in taxes for public infrastructure could not sustain a few minutes of rain.

But a video he uploaded triggered a torrential downpour of comments – most of which had one common message: "put up with it, or go back to your country".

In the video, uploaded onto Maltese talk shop The Salott, Mr Baraggioli insists over development without adequate planning was a recipe for disaster.

Msida was flooded after just a few minutes of rainMsida was flooded after just a few minutes of rain

"€2 million yachts filled the marinas, and €1 million apartments lined Sliema's streets, but after a bit of rain, traffic grinds to a halt, sewage overflows, and pavements are submerged."

Malta cannot compete with Monaco, he says, when the island cannot even divert rain water from the Sliema Ferries to the sea just a few metres away.

Watch: Heavy rain stalls cars in various localities

"I get told to go back to my country. Bloody hell, I pay taxes here and everything. The problem isn’t going to be mine or yours, it is going to be our children’s. We pay for this with our taxes,” he says.

In just a few minute’s Mr Baraggioli’s video had been viewed thousands of times, eliciting scores of comments.

While some agreed with his complaints, applauding him for standing up to be counted, many others thought he was out of line.

Are Malta’s streets doomed to be flooded under the ever-growing number of construction projects? Is our public infrastructure working? Or is it too late? Let us know what you think by posting a comment in the section below.

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