Hospice Malta has been awarded the European Parliament’s Citizen's Prize for 2014 in a ceremony hosted by the European Parliament Office at Dar l-Ewropa, Valletta.

Hospice Malta was nominated for this year's prize by all six Maltese MEPs. 

Hospice Malta Chairperson Lora Cascun thanked the MEPs for their nomination and lauded the team that makes up the organisation. “The ‘citizen’ in this case is the management, our professional staff, all our volunteers, and most of all the patients themselves as well their relatives who benefit from our services”, she said. Ms Cascun announced that Hospice Malta is currently seeking to expand the services it offers in order to support patients with different conditions. 

The Maltese MEPs decided to nominate this movement “to reward their noble efforts in providing care to so many patients and their families. Hospice values each one of them as unique individuals, irrespective of their race, religion or lifestyle”.

 “This is a prize for the respite and solidarity you provide to patients and relatives alike,” said MEP Therese Comodini Cachia whilst thanking all those involved in the organisation. 

“In politics we can act together to being about positive outcomes. This award is only a token to show how proud we are of your contribution”, said Miriam Dalli.

Roberta Metsola spoke about the importance of ensuring the patients' dignity and to provide them with a good quality of life until the very end. “Hospice does precisely this and more. It also has is own educational initiatives through courses in palliative care”, she said.

Marlene Mizzi expressed her gratitude for the support Hospice offers in very difficult moments for patients and their relatives. “I am proud we can express this gratitude publicly. Do not thank us, we ought to thank you”.

Alfred Sant said volunteering has a strong tradition in Europe and goes back to its various forms, from the monasteries to the knights hospitallers. “Today we speak of a lay and secular social model in which both individual and the state provide such welfare. Hospice has gone a step further by professionalising its services and combining that with volunteering”, he concluded. 

The European Parliament awards "The European Citizen's Prize" in several countries for exceptional achievements  by citizens, groups, associations or organisations.

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