A clock malfunction in a Mater Dei delivery suite led parents to file a court case to amend the birthdate of their son, who was born at 11.10pm and not at 12.05am the following day.

The case was filed to correct the details on the birth certificate, as the boy’s birthday was listed as August 13 instead of August 12.  The evidence included the time stamp on the first photo taken of the baby and a call to his grandmother with news of the birth.

The court heard how the Mater Dei Hospital form was signed by the midwife and countersigned by the mother who had not realised the mistake. The mother testified that soon after giving birth, she had looked at the delivery suite clock, which read 1.25 but it was evident that the clock had stopped. The grandparents also testified that they had received news of the birth at around 11.30pm. The midwife could not remember whether the clock had malfunctioned that day.

Madam Justice Schembri Orland ruled that the parents had managed to prove that a mistake had been committed in the time of the birth and ordered a correction in the birth certificate and the child, who is now five years old, can celebrate his birthday on August 12.

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