Parliament on Monday paid tribute to former Nationalist MP Lino Gauci Borda who passed away on February 13, and former Chief Justice Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici who passed away last week.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne paid tribute to Dr Gauci Borda, who was well loved by the patients he served as a family doctor.

He was also well respected as a politician, having served in the House for 18 years from 1976 to 1994.

Dr Gauci Borda had also been passionate about vintage cars and was president of the Old Motors Club for almost as long as he was an MP. He was instrumental in moving the club to its current Mosta quarters.

"Dr Gauci Borda will be remembered as a politician and a doctor, but especially as a gentleman who never refused to help anyone, of whatever political colour. He was a man who understood the people's problems," Mr Fearne said.

David Agius, deputy leader of the Nationalist Party, highlighted comments by Dr Gaudi Borda's daughter Anabelle that her father had a heart of gold. He was a man who worried for people he did not even know.

"Lino Gauci Borda was a politician for the people who served in difficult times" he said.

As former minister Tonio Borg had written, he was a  model of how someone should represent the people, quietly and with steadfastness. 

Mr Agius observed how in his maiden speech, 42 years ago, Dr Gauci Borda had stressed the need to show the people that in parliament, MPs were working together  for the country. Unless that happened, the people would continue to be divided, and the country could not move forward if it was divided.

Such words could easily be applied to the present, Mr Agius said.

Tributes to former Chief Justice

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici led the tributes to former Chief Justice Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici, who, he pointed out, was fondly known by everyone as Ġoġo.

Chief Justice Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici.Chief Justice Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici.

He was one of the country's philosophers, a man who was as humble as he was learned.  

Prof. Mifsud Bonnici had lectured practically all current lawyers on natural law and human rights. He would long be remembered as a judge for the fair as well as efficient way he handled his cases and for the way how, on his retirement, he sought to teach points of law to the people through his frequent appearances on TV. 

Despite coming from an illustrious political family he always showed himself to be impartial. 

Dr Bonnici also praised Prof. Mifsud Bonnici for his contribution to sports, having been chess champion in 1955 and a long-serving president of the MFA.

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said Prof. Mifsud Bonnici distinguished himself in everything he did - on the Bench, in the European Court of Human Rights, as president of the Chamber of Advocates, president of the Casino Maltese, president of the MFA, and a member of the UEFA disciplinary commission.

A particular characteristic of Prof. Mifsud Bonnici was the depth of his thought and the way how he thought an argument through, something which he expected of all his students. 

But more than anything, he would be remembered as a legal giant who always sought the truth and human rights and who loved his country and its people, Dr Delia said.

Speaker Anglu Farrugia associated himself with the condolences expressed by both sides of the House.

Nationalist MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici also thanked both sides for the comments made about his uncle.  

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