Local mobility tech-industry leader eCabs has stepped up investment in its last mile platform FastDrop to bring to the market an exceptional service, a new paradigm in last-mile delivery and affordable rates that enable even the smallest of stores to be part of the e-commerce market.

eCabs is now aiming to become the leading last-mile player in the industry, leveraging its unique technology platform with the Maltese market serving as a global showcase for the platform.

Having announced their global strategic partnership with German tech company M-Tribes in August, FastDrop general manager Greta Borg said: “Strategically, we are doing what we did when we revolutionised the cab market in Malta: investing in technology, teaming up with the best minds in the segment, building a platform on our own intellectual property, taking it to the Maltese market and then expanding globally.

“Today we have an incredible demand for our services translating into the daily delivery of thousands of packages of all sizes and nature, and all this in a matter of weeks.” 

The accelerated growth of FastDrop is due to a constantly increasing long list of satisfied B2B clients who are experiencing a process-driven platform which is easy to use, empowers the business with data and live tracking, provides the fastest and most cost-effective delivery times on the market with live proof of delivery and offers an unmatched 24/7 service, including live support even on public holidays.

Borg explained how the development of FastDrop will include eCommerce plug-ins for quick deployment of an eCommerce last-mile offering, and the labelling and scanning with the innovative and brand friendly use of QR codes, unique in this type of deployment. Other features will include end customer tracking through mobile application, empowering customers to also affect delivery date and time changes quickly and easily.

While most businesses are closed on Sunday, FastDrop customers can still have their packages delivered at any time, any day

Underlining the eCabs philosophy in deploying FastDrop in Malta, Borg emphasised: “From day one, our aim has been to empower local businesses with an effective, efficient and inexpensive last-mile capability which can offer value through a round-the-clock service in Malta and Gozo. FastDrop is also enabling clients to make use of the unique 24/7 capability.

“While most businesses are closed on Sunday, FastDrop customers can still have their packages delivered at any time, any day. Some business clients have started taking advantage of this operational strength and the numbers in this area are growing. We have found ways with some to enable stock collection in the early hours of the morning when the same business is closed, at no extra cost to the business nor to the customer.”

As the business grows day-on-day, the company is shaping new products largely in the middle-mile segment through which FastDrop would be enabling the business to outsource its internal logistics including warehouse to store and store-to-store stock movements. 

“This eliminates internal inefficiencies and mitigates costly inventory stock piling and other operating expenditure such as the cost of maintaining vehicles and delivery personnel,” Borg concluded.

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