Whether gambling at a land-based or online casino, the house edge is what we have to come to terms with. Since it can't be avoided, it's important to know how to beat the house edge to make the most of your real-money investment. 

A casino game that you have to be conscious of its house edge before playing is blackjack. But not to worry, blackjack has one of the lowest house edges and best odds in the casino. Its house edge is just about 1.5 per cent(Single Deck).

However, it is not an "easy street" yet because you still need the right blackjack strategy to beat the low house edge. 

You should know that blackjack house edge is not fixed. It could rise to two per cent for an inexperienced player, while a player who uses a solid strategy can reduce it to around 0.5 per cent. 

The best part is that a right blackjack strategy is not complex; You only need to know when to split, stand, double down and hit, and you will find yourself winning in no time.

Beating the house edge of blackjack also involves selecting the right variation to play. It is advisable to go for single-deck games than multiple decks. This is because the number of decks is important while playing blackjack. The lower the decks of the online blackjack real money game, the higher your chances of winning.

Below we covered more information about real money blackjack house edge and ways to beat it.

House advantage in banker games

Banker games generally refer to games that are played between a player and a banker/dealer. Instead of competing against each other, players play against the banker individually. Common games in this category include blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

In banker games, the banker usually has a higher advantage than other players. There is no foul play here; the house edge is fairly built into games. 

The house edge mathematical advantage is usually calculated in the long run.

So, it doesn't stop you from winning the next game. However, the undeniable fact is that the banker wins at the end since it is practically impossible for you to win every time.

Learn a card counting system

If you want to win the house while playing blackjack, you must know how to count cards. Card counting is a strategy primarily used in blackjack to determine the outcome of the next hand; whether it would give an advantage to the player or the dealer. 

After each round, the deck's cards reduce, enabling the player to count cards and determine the value of cards remaining in the deck.

Card counting isn't an illegal activity since there are no federal or state laws banning its use. However, land-based casinos can "kick you out" if you are found to be counting cards, and that's why you have to be discreet when using it. 

There are several card counting systems; the commonly used ones include Hi-Lo, K-O, Halves, Zen, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, Omega, and Red Seven. 

Of the systems, Hi-Lo is most popular because it is straightforward and easy to understand. It is also recommended for beginners as well as professional players. 

Irrespective of the strategy, the process of card counting can be broken into four steps, which are: 

● Assign a value to every card for easy counting. In the Hi-Lo system, cards from 2-6 are assigned +1, 7-9 are counted as 0, while 10-Ace are counted as -1. As the cards are dealt, you will either add 1, remove one, or do nothing, depending on the information above.)
● Have a "running count" based on the values of cards dealt
● Calculate the true count or count per deck using the information
● Lastly, Update your bets as the count per deck increases. 

It is important to note that it may be very difficult to count cards while playing Blackjack Online because of the randomised features of online blackjack games. So, the card counting strategy is better suited for brick and mortar casinos. 

Take advantage of casino comps

Comps are complimentary items and services casinos reward their members with for playing at their establishments. The quantity and quality of comps you get depend on the games you play, the amount you bet, and how long you stay at the casino. 

Comps are usually given at online blackjack sites as bonuses, cashback, free spins, invitations to top events, and more. To qualify for these comps, you need to sign up for the loyalty or VIP program of the casino. 

By getting maximum value from casino comps, you can beat the house and maximize your real-money wagers. The best way to maximize casino comps is to continually play a casino game with a little house edge; you will be losing little and still get qualified for big casino comps. 

You can use the sign-up bonuses and regular deposit bonuses at online casinos to have more playing time and win more money. However, make sure you read the wagering conditions of any casino bonus before claiming it. 

Play in blackjack tournaments

Another way to win more from playing blackjack at casinos is by participating in blackjack tournaments. Online blackjack tournaments give you the chance to play against the dealer and other players in the game to win big prizes. 

The aim is to earn as many chips or credits as possible, which will determine your payout at the end of the competition. Most blackjack tournaments come with an entry fee that you will need to pay before participating in them.

The rules of a blackjack tournament vary across online blackjack sites. However, before you participate in a tournament, ensure you understand the basic playing strategy and know when to stop using it. 

Get a rebate on losses 

Casino operators usually offer their players a rebate on their losses from playing games over a set period. The rebate is calculated using the total value of your bets on specified games over a preset period. 

The form in which loss rebate is offered differs from casinos. While some will give you the rebate as bonus cash, you might receive it as free play at other casinos. The most important thing is to play at casinos that offer loss rebates, especially on your blackjack losses. 

If you are a high roller playing at land-based casinos, then you might get to negotiate a great rebate on your losses like Don Johnson did and get more advantage over the casino.

Low house edge

Blackjack is designed to have a low house edge. However, the variations in-game rules and a number of decks can have an impact on the house edge.

The best online blackjack game you can go for is single deck blackjack games. This is because the house edge on single deck blackjack variants is much lower than double deck blackjack house edge. A single deck makes card counting easier and thus gives the player an advantage over the house.

Other factors that affect blackjack house edge include rules like can the dealer stand on soft 17 and whether a player can double down after a split. 

Lastly, the payout a casino offers for hitting blackjack can affect the house edge. You should only play at casinos that payout 3:2 for blackjack.


Blackjack easily has one of the lowest house edges in the casino. However, factors like game variations, rules, and payout determine how much you will win over time from playing the game. 

The most important way to beat the house edge and secure a win while playing blackjack is to learn a casino strategy.

You can also adopt other measures like counting cards, playing in blackjack tournaments, and taking advantage of casino comps and bonuses.

Disclaimer: Play responsibly. Players must be over 18. For help visit https://www.gamcare.org.uk.

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