Video poker has become one of the most exciting games across worldwide casinos. This is the game with the highest possible odds, allowing players to affect result by using their skills. 

The best thing about video poker is that you don’t have to play in real-time with other players or interact with live dealers. 

Video poker brings a feeling of independence, allowing you to focus on the gameplay and every single move. To become a real master in video poker, be sure to stick to the following strategies.

Become familiar with the rules

Learning the video poker rules is the most important strategy in winning the game. Each version of poker is based on the rules of 5-card poker. After you receive five cards, you can decide which cards to keep and which to discard. 

When you make a decision, just press the draw button and you will receive a replacement for the current combination. The aim of video poker is to create the winning combination which pays such as royal flush, two pairs, flush or similar. 

Remember that Deuces wild is the version with the highest possible odds, so you can test your luck on the same.

Select the appropriate pay table

What’s special about the best video poker games is the predictability of possible returns. When you play video poker, you can calculate the potential winnings based on the pay table. Before starting the game, you should identify the best machine which offers the highest possible return. To increase your odds, you need to learn more about RTP (return to player rate).

The house always has an advantage, but you need to lower it as much as possible. Moreover, you need to find the video poker machine with the lowest house edge. If the house has an advantage of three per cent, it means that the potential return to players is 97 per cent. If you are not satisfied with this machine, then you need to look for alternative options which provide 98 per cent or higher RTP.

Use the max bet option

To make the most out of video poker, players are always recommended to use the max bet option. When placing the max possible bet, you will have a chance to receive the max award. The best possible hand in video poker is a royal flush, but users who play with the maximum number of coins will receive an additional bonus when hitting the same hand. If you are looking for jackpot prizes, then you should stick to this strategy.

Focus on the game

Every casino game is designed to provide casinos with a certain advantage. The same works for video poker which is another way for the house to make a profit. 

That’s why you need to be patient and focus on the gameplay instead of making rushed decisions. Take your time and think about your next move in the game. Video poker is one of the games where you increase losing chances with every additional hand.

Going forward with video poker, you should focus on slower hands instead of fewer hands. The main idea behind this strategy is to decrease your losses and extend playing time. It also prevents players from losing the entire bankroll in a short period of time.

Join the casino club

Online casinos are also known for casino clubs, allowing players to join and enjoy the game longer than usual. When joining the club, you will have an opportunity to earn special bonuses that casinos provide to the most valuable users. This enables players to lower the house edge and have better winning opportunities.

Start playing progressive video poker

Apart from providing modest winnings, video poker could bring a life-changing award to its players. That’s why you need to focus on progressive jackpots which provide an increased chance to win from a small bet. There are many progressive versions of video poker, but you need to find the best one for yourself. Moreover, it is important to use the most efficient strategy in order to increase winning chances.

When playing progressive video poker, you should also choose the machine with generous pay tables. Winning big is only possible with the combination of good strategy and pay table.

Look for bonuses

Video poker machines are known for providing different bonuses for players. Apart from Jacks or Better, you will find other poker variations with generous promotions. When using good bonuses, you increase winning chances as you get free money to play with. This extends your playing time and overall betting experience. 

If you see bonuses for video poker, make sure to use them and you will notice the difference. There is always a chance to reach customer support and ask for clarification if you don’t understand the rules. Just go for it and take an opportunity to win with video poker.

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