Malta is blessed that it protects the life of the unborn, but there are still many people who are “deceived” by the lies of the abortion industry, according to a pro-life activist who will be attending Sunday’s march in Valletta.

“I am here because the country is blessed to be pro-life and laws protect life, but many are pro-abortion, and these are the people we need to speak to, to unveil the truth about the abortion industry,” Patricia Sandoval told Times of Malta.

“To speak the truth is to provide a shield over this country so we make sure that abortion is never legalised here.”

Sandoval is an international pro-life and chastity speaker who shares her story around the world of her three abortions, works behind the ‘hidden doors’ of Planned Parenthood, and how for nearly three years she lived as a homeless drug addict. 

Patricia Sandoval will address Sunday's gathering.Patricia Sandoval will address Sunday's gathering.

She says she was saved by the love of Jesus, and sought help in the sacrament of confession and eventually attended Rachel’s Vineyeard, a retreat for women after having an abortion.

She hosts a weekly television programme ‘Pro-Life Report’ on EWTN and her biography, Transfigured, has been translated into several languages.

“I’m in Malta to share my story, about how abortion hurts women, and also men, and how I was a victim of the abortion industry.”

Sandoval is one of the guest speakers taking part in Life Network Foundation’s annual march themed ‘Il-Ħajja, Dritt; (Life is a right).

Malta has one of the strictest abortion rules in the world, forbidding it in all circumstances, including rape. In June, the government presented the revamped abortion bill, where women will be allowed to have an abortion if their life is at immediate risk or health in ‘grave jeopardy which may lead to her death’.

Previously, doctors who terminated a pregnancy risked criminal prosecution.It was a watered-down version of another bill originally presented last year, which would have orignally allowed terminations when a mother’s health was in “grave jeopardy”.

Critics of the law say it will endanger women’s lives and discourage doctors from carrying out terminations when needed.

Sandoval said that while the laws in Malta are in favour of protecting life, it is important that people speak the truth about the abortion industry.

“When I was younger, I was pro-abortion, I was fed the lies of the industry, nobody told me the truth about safe sex, or the beauty of motherhood, fatherhood and parenthood,” she said.

“I remember being told that my body is my right and it’s fine to have an abortion as it was not a baby I am aborting but a bunch of cells. Nobody spoke to me about the consequences of having an abortion.”

She said that when a country legalises abortion it will “fall apart” and when a woman has an abortion, the family “is destroyed”.

Asked about women who feel they have no other choice but to have an abortion, especially in cases of rape, Sandoval said the laws should condemn the rapist, not the innocent child.

“Rape is an act of violence, and we cannot undo one act of violence with another.”

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